DAO Treasury

To prevent the in-game economy from hyperinflation, XXVR designed a DAO Treasury Funds system to prevent excessive issuance. This system will periodically burn a proportion of Coins to prevent coins held by players to decrease in value. As a result, the players’ coins will not be depreciated deeply.

Furthermore, when NFT Marketplace is introduced, players can purchase blind boxes with their Coins. Each blind box will contain a level 1 sports car that players can trade on the official NFT Marketplace using BNB with other players. A 3% transaction fee will be imposed on each transaction, which will then be allocated to the DAO Treasury. XXVR will repurchase circulating tokens to increase market liquidity every month. A portion of the treasury will also be allocated to hosting future tournaments that will provide players with a chance to earn more tokens. Players can also choose to sell their high-level cars to promote sustainable game assets.

The Gem system will be implemented after Genisis AirDrop and the official minting process. XXVR will allow these gems to be traded using Meta tokens on the NFT Marketplace, with 1.5% of the transaction price allocated to the DAO Treasury. XXVR will burn a proportion of Meta Tokens every month to ensure the sustainable economic growth of these tokens. It will also allocate some of these tokens to the tournaments in the future.

The DAO treasury funds will be strictly regulated, and every time the funds are used on a large scale, they will announce it to the community in advance.

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