The XXVR’s founding team is distributed globally from Japan, Europe, and Korea. The team members were former employees in many major game companies, and they despised the fragmentation of the current GameFi eco-system, and the system is not well established. It caused worse users' experiences and a terrible impression of the whole industry. Therefore, XXVR is aimed to develop that is truly centered on community users and has a healthy eco-system, allowing users to fully experience the joy of the game and realize the core of P2E.

The purpose of XXVR is to establish a new ecosystem in GameFi. However, XXVR has temporarily decided not to disclose any personal information about team members. XXVR’s founder teams are not popular teams, so they will not raise funds from the capital of the blockchain industry. XXVR is decided to build the game together with the community to achieve a fully decentralized GameFi game.

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