There are two tokens in XXVR metaverse

P2E Token: Coin, initial launch 2M and no hard capacity. Users can obtain the Coin Tokens with a play-to-earn feature in the XXVR game.

Address: TBD

Governance Token: Meta Total Supply: 100M


Community: 23%, it will be used to build the community and motivate active gamers and community users

DAO Treasury: 7%, it will be used as the treasury revenue of the game and carried out the macro-control of the in-game economic system

Staking: 65%, will be used to open the staking reward pool so that users can get more token rewards when XXVR reaches a later stage.

Airdrop: 3%, early participants will receive an AirDrop of Meta tokens, but we're still deciding on the model of the AirDrop

Team: 2%, rewards for the founder team, and it will be locked in the smart contract for one year, after which 0.2% will be released quarterly

Address: TBD

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