Meta Governance Token allows players to obtain corresponding voting rights by pledging the Tokens.

For example, when one player voices their proposal in the community, other players with Meta Governance Tokens can vote on the said proposal. Every 1000 Meta Governance Tokens holds 1 vote in most circumstances, and every 1000 additional Meta Governance Tokens holds 1 additional vote. If the number of votes is equal or exceeds 51% of the total votes, the proposal will be passed and the team will attempt to implement it into the game accordingly, vice versa.

To ensure the community stays updated and to allow sufficient brainstorming, each proposal will be given 48 hours for voting.

It is worth mentioning that we decided to give long-term supporters a heavier voice. Players who seek a larger voting weightage can choose to extend their pledge time. Pledging their Meta for 7 days, 21 days and 60 days will not only give players higher APY but also 1.3 times, 1.8 times, and 3 times voting weightage, respectively.

For example, if a player wishes to pledge 1000 Meta for 60 days, these 1000 Meta tokens will hold 3 votes.

Players can also vote for corresponding rights with regards to pledging APY, tokens released, the production rate of Coins etc.

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